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Learn to Fly the Right Way!

International Flight Centre Inc. has been in business for over 21 years under the same owner.  

Courses offered

Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Night Rating
Instrument Rating
Private and Commercial Ground School

Income Tax Deductions

If your goal is to become a Commercial pilot or you are a Commercial Pilot taking advanced training, all tuition including Private pilot is deductible.


DUAL - Training flight with instructor

SOLO - Training flight without instructor. i.e.Student pilot sole occupant of the aeroplane. If the pilot is licenced, passengers may be carried if type of training flight permits.

PILOT IN COMMAND (PIC) - Pilot in charge of the aeroplane. If more than one pilot on board, one is designated PIC and is responsible for all aspects of the flight.

General Conditions Pertaining to Licences and Ratings

Courses are designed to qualify the student to meet the Transport Canada licence requirements. The following general additional requirements should be noted. For the issue of the Recreational Permit, Private and Commercial Licences, Instructor and Instrument ratings, the applicant must pass a Transport Canada written exam and a flight test. Both must have been successfully completed in the twelve months prior to the application date. The following minimum age requirements pertain:

Recreational Pilot Permit - 16 Years
Private Pilot Licence - 17 Years
Commercial Pilot Licence - 18 Years

Flight training and examinations may be completed prior to reaching the required age. Private pilot student may fly supervised solo on reaching his/her 14th birthday. All Licences and ratings are subject to minimum medical requirements.

Course Content and Costs

The school operates a continuous private and commercial ground school at Boundary Bay Airport. This course is also available to students taking flight training at other schools. Course of studies is as required by Transport Canada. Each course is a full forty (40) hours duration and may be completed in 10 weeks. Classes are held Tuesday and Saturday. Students may repeat the course as often as he/she wishes. Instrument and Instructor ground schools are conducted as required. It is not necessary to complete the ground school prior to commencing flying training. In fact most begin flight training soon after starting ground school.

GROUND SCHOOL COST (including textbook): $599.00
FLIGHT TRAINING COST - See "Courses Offered"

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.
 IFC's commitment to quality assurance in international education.
IFC assures you we have the highest educational standards.

IFC is Re-Certificated for 2023, Designated by Private Training Institution's Branch

Our school at Boundary Bay Airport's Heritage Hangar
Our Cessna 172's are in excellent condition

 fb.jpg Boundary Bay Airport, Heritage Hangar,

  1 -7630 Montreal St., Delta, BC, Canada V4K 0A7

  Phone: 604.940.6383

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