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Date of Last Revision: 2021-09-01
International Flight Centre provides an opportunity for students to resolve disputes of a serious nature and grades appeals in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner.

The policy applies to all International Flight Centre students who are currently enrolled or were enrolled 12 months prior to the submission of their concern to the Manager.

Procedure for Student Disputes:
1. This policy governs complaints from students respecting International Flight Centre and any aspect of its operations.
2. Student will not be subject to any form of retaliation as a result of filing a complaint.
3. All student complaints must be made in writing.
4. The student making the complaint may be represented by an agent or a lawyer.
5. The student must provide the written complaint to the Manager who is responsible for making determinations in respect of complaints. If the Manager is absent or is named in a complaint, the student must provide the complaint to the Chief Flight Instructor.
6. The Manager will arrange to meet with the student to discuss the concern and desired resolution as soon as possible but within five school days of receiving the student's written concern.
7. Following the meeting with the student, the Manager will conduct whatever enquiries and/or investigations are necessary and appropriate to determine whether the student's concerns are substantiated in whole or in part. Those enquiries may involve further discussion(s) with the student either individually or with appropriate International Flight Centre personnel. All communications must be in writing.
8. The necessary enquiries and/or investigations shall be completed and a response provided in writing to all involved as soon as possible but no later than 30 days following the receipt of the student's written concerns.
a. If it is determined that the student's concerns are not substantiated, International Flight Centre will provide a written explanation of the decision and deny the complaint; or
b. If it is determined that the student's concerns are substantiated in whole or in part, the Institution will propose a resolution.
The response must specify that the student will have five school days to appeal the decision. A copy of the decision and all supporting materials shall be given to the student, a copy will be placed in the Institution's Student Conduct File, and the original will be placed in the student file.
9. If the student is not satisfied with the determination of the Manager, the student must advise the Manager as soon as possible but within five school days of being informed of the determination. The Manager will immediately refer the matter to the CFI of the Institution.
10. The CFI will review the matter and if necessary, may meet with the student as soon as possible but within five school days of receipt of the student's appeal.
11. The original decision will either be confirmed or varied by the CFI in writing within five school days after receipt of the student's appeal or, if a meeting with the student occurred, within five days of that meeting. At this point the Institution's dispute resolution process will be considered exhausted.
12. The written reasons will advise a student, that if the student is dissatisfied with the determination, and has been misled by the institution regarding any significant aspect of that program, the student may file a complaint with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) ( Complaints must be filed with PTIB within one year of the date a student completes, is dismissed from, or withdraws from the program.

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