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This flight allows you to try a hands-on approach to flying in the captain's seat.   

An Introductory Flight is a one hours booking with an Instructor, about 1/2 hour is on the ground and 1/2 hour in the plane. 
You will spend about an hour and half of the ground learning how to control the airplane and the preflight inspection to make sure the airplane is safe to go flying. 
Even though this would be your first flight, you will do all taxiing (moving the plane on the ground) and you will do most of the flying when in the air. 
Price for the Introductory Flight is only $139.00
After the Introductory Flight, if you enroll in our Private Pilot Program and pay for the Ground School and book and supplies on the same day, you will get your Introductory Flight for free.

Here a student is performing his preflight inspection.

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