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This is a permit and not a licence, thus there are restriction as to what one can do.  Only one passenger can be carried on board, no night flying, no flying in US space and only day VFR flying allow (no IFR).   

Recreational PILOT Permit (based on Transport Canada Minimums)

Program Tuition and Fees in Canadian Dollars (CAD): Amount

• 15 hours dual         $1,155.00

• 4 Hours of pre/post flight briefing $   308.00

• Total Tuition $1,463.00

• Text books $   259.00

Total Program Costs         $1,414.00

• Registration/Application Fee (International Students only) (Non-refundable) $ 495.00

Medical, Flight Test examiner, written exam, Transport Canada license, processing, English language exam and Aircraft utilization fees: $6,030.00 Approximate
Item Price

Medical $ 300.00

Written Exam $ 250.00

Flight Test $ 400.00

Language Exam $ 150.00

Transport Canada Licence Fee         $   55.00

Processing fee         $ 150.00

Aircraft Utilization fee for 25 hours (not including fuel surcharges)                $4,725.00

Total other fee        $6,030.00

Price subject to change without notice.
Plus fuel surcharge

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