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A Commercial Pilot's License allows you to fly for hire under certain circumstances. Because this course consists of a more advanced flight training and ground training, your skills and abilities are refined. The training includes your Night Rating, VFR over the top rating, Mountain Flying Checkout, Advance Cross Country training and Instrument training.
This Program is approved by Private Training Institution Branch.

Ground Training

80 hours ground school. Study material provided. Night classes (7pm-9pm) = $699 

Flight Training (C-172)

  Aircraft rental
 Instructor Total
35 hours of Dual @ $266.00 $6,615.00



30 hours of Solo @ $189.00




8 hours of pre/post flight briefing @ $77   $616.00 $616.00
Books and Supplies      $259.00

Ground School






 TOTAL   $4,010.00 $16,794.00

Method of Payment: Cash, Cheque or Credit Card
The International Flight Centre will not accept prepaid funds for the program for the above mentioned cost.
Program costs will be paid by way of: Pay as you go only. Student is not permitted to carry an outstanding balance.
No show on booking made or a late cancelation, an hour instructor fee will be charged for ground lesson booked, an hour dual flight time will be charge for dual flight booked and an hour solo time would be charged for a solo flight booked to the student.
Insufficient fund on Cheque, a $50 will be charged to the student.


Transport Canada Fee 

Medical, Flight Test examiner, written exam, Transport Canada license, processing, English language exam and Aircraft utilization fees: $14,247.50 Approximate

Item  Price 
 Medical$   350.00 
 Written Exam$   150.00 
 Flight Test$   400.00
 Transport Canada Licence Fee$     80.00 
 Processing fee$   300.00 

 Aircraft Utilization fee for 65 hours  

 Total other fee$13,565.00 
 Aircraft Utilization fee (fuel surcharge not included)
NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice.
Student applying for StudentAidBC, the requirement for Commerical Pilot Licence Program is to comply with the StudentAidBC Appendix 3, 19 year of age or graduated Secondary School.

 IFC assures you we have the highest educational standards.

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