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For the Safety and the Health of everyone at International Flight Centre

Domestic and international travel

Note: For international students still oversea, we are DLI Institution, but we are not on the Federal DLI list of institutions with approved Covid-19 readiness plans and is therefore currently unable to enroll international students from oversea at this time while the border restrictions are in place. 

Special consideration needs to be given to access to campus by individuals coming from outside the community, such as those travelling between provinces/territories within Canada, as well as international students and faculty. Local, provincial/territorial and/or federal requirements for domestic and international travellers will necessitate a period of self-isolation prior to integration into campus activity. As of March 25, 2020, all travellers incoming to Canada are subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine (self-isolation) enforceable through an Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act

The quarantine plan of any student arriving from outside of Canada must respect the requirements for a quarantine plan as described in the Emergency Order in effect at the time of their entry into Canada. As with any other non-exempt traveller, these students must be able to self-quarantine or self-isolate for 14 days; they must not be in contact with a vulnerable person (as defined in the Order); and, they must have access to the necessities of life (e.g., food, their medication). The border screening officer or quarantine officer has the final say on what is considered a suitable quarantine plan upon entry into Canada.

Covid-19 Flight Training School Workplace Safety Measures

Flight Training Schools are unique as they require close contact between instructor and student when in the cockpit of the aircraft.  This in counterintuitive to the social distancing order we have from our vovernment.

We have put measures in place, however, to minimize contanination and ensure that both staff and student are healthy before entering the cockpit.  We expect that these measures are proactive enough to provide some protection in a somewhat difficult circumstance. 

Screening measures in place for anyone entering the school premises: 

1. Those who do not exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19, such as cough, fever or difficulty in breathing, Sore Throat and Respiratory Illness.

2. Those who have not travelled international within the last 14 days nor have family who have traveled.

3. Those who have not been in close contact with any person who has been diagnosed wih Covid-19.

4. Those who have self-isolated for 14 days or more and have remained healthy.

5. Those who returned from Chins who have self-isolated for 28 days or more and have remained healthy. 

Protocols in place are as follows at our flight training school:

1.  21-28 days self-isolation for all staffs and studetns imposed as of March.

2. Waivers to be signed attesting to this self-isolation on return.

3. Social distancing where possible for staffs and students.

4. Student presence at school will be for flight training only. 

Please stay outside the school until your assigned booking schedule.  Stay in the car or outside the school, when it is time for- you to enter the school, the Instructor will call for you.  We are trying to reduce the number of person in the school at any one time.  

The School door will be locked at all at all time.  To get in the school, call the school number and someone will let you in after confirming you have a mask on.

Before entering the school, everyone must be wearing a mask and continue to wear the mask at all time at the school.  

Temperature check at the door will be done. 

When flying, must continue to wear face mask at all time.

For those students who have health issue that can't wear face mask, we ask you to stay away from the school and stop Flight Training until Covid-19 vaccine is find. 

In the past we have allowed and encouraged students to stay and study at the school.  During the Covid-19 environment, the students are told to leave the school once they have finished their flight training.  This is to reduce the number of people in the school at any one time.  

During the Covid-19 environment we are trying to reduce contact with people that are not our students, thus we will not be doing any Introductory Flight or Sightseeing Flight until the Covid-19 vaccine is find.

On your first time entering the School, you will be required to sign an attestment to attest that says:

        I _______________________________,

  •  I do not exhibit ay symptoms of Covid-19, such as coughing, fever or difficulty in breathing.
  • I have not travelled internationally within the last 14 days nor have family who have travelled. 
  • I have not been in close contact with any person who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • I attest to only moving between school and home and remain in self-imposed isolation whilst flight training.
  • If I get ill, of have a family member that is ill, I will self-quarantine till everyone in the family is healthy again.
       Signature: __________________________________  Date: ______________________


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